CD-Pro 2 LF Transport (bare)

CD-Pro 2 LF Transport (bare)

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CD-Pro2-LF Details

VAM1254/31LF - Replacemet for VAU 1254/31LF and older models.

Fits 100% accurate to alle previous models!

New audio standard!

installation manual

Using the CD-Pro2LF module (VAU1255/21LF), you will get a high-performance CD-engine, which is designed to deliver an extremely good playability and very low mechanical playing noise.

The CD-Pro2LF (LF stands for "Lead Free") is the RoHS compliant version of the CD-Pro2M. From now on, all electronic products must indeed comply to the RoHS directive, so that they can be sold in the European Community, as well as in many other countries world-wide.

The CD-Pro2M itself was an improved version of the CD-Pro2 module which had been widely used in the high-end audio industry, like its predecessor, the CD-Pro module.

Compared to the CD-Pro module, the CD-Pro2M had indeed brought many improvements, like the capability to read CD-RW discs. Its playability had also been improved thanks to the recent CD10 servo-decoder and a new active filter switching for start-up and play. In these matters, the CD-Pro2LF shows the same performances as the CD-Pro2M module. Besides, its firmware has been specifically updated to allow playback of most of the current copy-protected discs.

The CD-Pro2LF module remains fully compatible with its predecessors, and it can directly replace the CD-Pro, CD-Pro2 or CD-Pro2M in your existing application. Indeed, it has the same dimensions and fixation points, as well as the same electrical connections as these modules. Last but not least, all these modules are based on the same standard DSA protocol for external communication, which means they are also software compatible.






Features of the CD-Pro2L

  • Complete plug-and-play unit: high-performance Premium 10502 system + professional VAM1255/21 CD mechanism

  • Heavy die-cast metal frame for improved performance and stability : robust and reliable design for professional high-end audio applications

  • Same dimensions and fixation as CD-Pro (VAU1252), CD-Pro2 (VAU1254/11) and CD-Pro2M (VAU1254/31)

  • New designed solid turntable

  • Can read finalized and non-finalized audio CD-R and CD-RW discs

  • New active filter switching for start-up and playback

  • Very fast 99 tracks direct access

  • Standard DSA communication protocol

  • Backward compatible with CD-Pro (VAU1252), CD-Pro2 (VAU1254/11) and CD-Pro2M (VAU1254/31): same electrical connections and same communication interface

  • I2S audio interface for external high-performance DAC

  • digital output (EBU), analogue audio output (DAC on board)

  • For horizontal and specified vertical position applications

  • Magnet clamping and full metal weight clamper available

  • Cover of ESD protective material

  • Increased lifetime

  • RoHS compliant

Additional accessories available:


Still, the CD-Pro2LF remains 100%  compatible, electrically and mechanically, with CD-Pro2M, CD-Pro2, CD-Pro and CDM12 Industrial. It is possible to replace a CDM12 Industrial module by a CD-Pro2LF in  its existing application without any problem.


The CD-Pro2LF is pin-to-pin  compatible with the CDM12 Industrial standard.

The CD-Pro2LF show better performances, especially thanks to their improved  error correction systems. Experience has also underlined that CD7 and  CD10 are less sensitive to ESD.

The main modification of the CD-Pro2LF is the replacement  of the laser unit, which has resulted in changing the flex assembly and  the mounting frame as well. Of course, the new laser can still read  CD-DA, CD-R and CD-RW recorded audio discs.

The Second modification was the replacement of
the TDA1305 D/A  Converter, which was used with all previous modules by a new generation 24-bit 192kHz DAC : the AK4384 chip  from AKM.

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