CD-Two MKIII Version:B, CD-Transport kit, housing aluminium (kit complete)

CD-Two MKIII Version:B, CD-Transport kit, housing aluminium (kit complete)

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 NewVersion MKIII contains: better performance - with lower price!

  • new subchassis
  • new disc clamp
  • new AC main filter stage
  • new resonance damping acrylic bottom panel with higher weight
  • new resonance damping acrylic top panels for CD covering with higher weight
  • internal upgrades for mechanics
  • easier assembling for the display section


The new version of a very high quality top loader with perfect sound and great look and feel. A complete hand made CD-Player with CD-Pro2LF developed with understood - built with heart and soul.

The housing was originated 10 years ago and was improved again and again.


Features of the housing:

  • acoustic damped spike feet
  • a multiple bottom made of one aluminium panel (4 mm) and a sub bottom made of special acrylic plastic: very hard and acoustic neutral
  • this combination brings the best resonance absorption
  • in combination with the very stable metal frame the chassis is very stable and impervious against resonances and sub frequencies from the bottom.
  • The top is close with a panel with 4mm thickness
  • the CD-Pro rests in a sub-chassis that fits perfectly and damped the last sonic from the outside and damped also the resonances from the inside.
  • The CD-Pro is recessed  mounted and covered by a multiple cover panel with thickness of 12 mm. (two acrylic panels and one metal panel)

This combination and the the felt inside the CD manhole ensures that no light and sound comes from the outside.






Features of the AC Mains and power supply:

  • Two stage filtering system
    • first a integrated filter in the main connector
    • second a discrete filter section.
  • all important wires are equipped with ferrite powder rings to prevent high frequency disturbances.
  • Power supply with:
    • High quality Panasonic FC Electrolytic condensers, long life 105°
    • 14100 µF for each voltage 5 and 9 Volt
    • special Panasonic audio parallel MKT/MKP condensers for rectifiers and electrolytic condensers
    • high speed rectifiers
    • noise reduction circuit for both voltages
    • high end connectors for DC
    • all parts oversized for performance reserve
    • very high quality PCB
    • hand soldered with silver soldering tin
    • coating against vibration
    • parts glued on the PCB
    • And this at pleasing a favourable price.


noise flor power supply noisepowersupply.jpg
voltage swing under load voltagepower.jpg






Features of the digital output stage:
Our digital output stage will amply the signal coming from an s/pdif output too TTL signal level than stabilised over a LINE-driver and will be then divided into two separate signal paths with S/PDIF format and AES/EBU format. The output is galvanic decoupled by a special, hand made transformer with high-end powder ring core for digital signals and separate silver wire coils with PTFE isolation for AES/EBU and S/PDIF. With this output stage one can use longer lines without lost of performance and the signal was improved to a real square wave.
Hand made transformer for digital out:


The handmade transformer has the following advantages: One can use special ferrite powder-ring-core and adapt the meandering of the coils exactly on the circuit.
We use a high quality silver wire with Teflon isolation for the coils. The coils will be glued on the ring.
The Teflon/Silver wire has the following advantages in the opposite of enamelled wire:
  • less microphone effects
  • the wire is more softly and thus better to process. It puts closely to powder ring. In connection with the gluing a compact unit results.
  • a firm magnetic coupling develops also, because nearly the entire magnetic flow implements both windings.



spike feet with acrylic sub bottom panel





CD-2_5klein.JPG spike feet with acrylic sub bottom panel

Features of the transport:
We use the well known CD-Pro-2 LF transport from Philips. The module is characterized by a very good error correction and robustness. The CD-Pro2LF consists of a die cast metal frame and a high-quality scanning unit. The transport is damping stored in a special sub-chassis.

Together with the mechanical characteristics and the complex power supply provides for a sound on highest level. The digital output is characterized by its very good re-clocking PLL jitter reduction (optional) and its output line driver with high current and handmade transformer for AES/EBU and s/pdif output format


Sub_Chassis3.jpg CD-Pro2Lf with new sub-chassis



new fulllmetal disc clamp


Remote control


Technical data:


  • CD-Pro2lf drive by Philips

  • high-quality power supply with 14100 µF filter capacitors Panasonic FC

  • special audio block condensers of Panasonic

  • special power supply circuit for the suppression of breakdown portions

  • doubled filtering of the AC of entrance with discrete system filter

  • 1 stage output circuit (s/pdif and AES/EBU) , output buffer LINE driving circuit with handwound transformer
  • Housing consists of an aluminium profile framework with additional damping plates of acrylic, as well as special spike feet
  • measures: 434*340*107mm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Output connectorst: RCA + XLR+
    RJ45 (I2S)

  • AC Mains 115V and 230 V


more informations you will find here:


mechanical parts:

  • sub chassis
  • screw set
  • aluminium spike feet
  • bottom panel alumium / acrylic panel
  • frame and top panel
  • holder set for frame
  • cover with lairs
  • acryl window for display
  • window for RC receiver
  • push buttons

CD-Transport kit, completely with cabinet, color silver/black electronic parts:

  • display pcb / controller with LCD display assembeld and tested
  • cabel for display - powersupply assembeld and tested, cabels
  • transformer with AC-connector and filter
  • digital output stage (s/pdif, AES/EBU)
  • CD-Pro2LF transport
  • connector set
  • suspension parts
  • disc clamp with disc clamp cover
  • RCA connectors
  • XLR connector
  • I2S output
  • Remote control


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