CD-Two MKIII Version:B, CD-Transport kit, housing aluminium (kit complet)

CD-Two MKIII Version:B, CD-Transport kit, housing aluminium (kit complet)

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The CD-Two - player is a Top loader of the top class. Here the CD-Pro-2 LF transport of Philips is used. The module is characterized by a very good error correction and robustness. The CD-Pro2LF consists of a die cast metal frame and a high-quality scanning unit. The transport is damping stored cabinet.
Together with the mechanical characteristics (weight: 12kg) and the complex power supply provides for a sound on highest level. The digital output is characterized by its very good (re-clocking PLL jitter reduction optional) and its output line driver with high current and handmade transformer for AES/EBU and s/pdif output format. 

Also installed is a direct I2S output.

The main AC input is filtered with a two stage filtering system. First a integrated filter in the main connector and second a discrete filter section. All important wires are equipped with ferrite powder rings to prevent high frequency disturbances.CD-2_3_klein.JPG


The housing bottom consists of a multiple composition, which avoid resonances. The slim corpus consists of genuine acrylic material and aluminium. The control elements are made from full material.  All in all a high-end audio device that provides by its constructional details for a calm, natural, as well as a detailed music rendition. 

And this at pleasing a favourable price.


















mechanical parts:

  • sub chassis
  • screw set
  • aluminium spike feet
  • bottom panel alumium / acrylic panel
  • frame and top panel
  • holder set for frame
  • cover with lairs
  • acryl window for display
  • window for RC receiver
  • push buttons

CD-Transport kit, completely with cabinet, color silver/black electronic parts:

  • display pcb / controller with LCD display assembeld and tested
  • cabel for display - powersupply assembeld and tested, cabels
  • transformer with AC-connector and filter
  • digital output stage (s/pdif, AES/EBU)
  • CD-Pro2LF transport
  • connector set
  • suspension parts
  • disc clamp with disc clamp cover
  • RCA connectors
  • XLR connector
  • I2S output


Technical Data :

  • CD-Pro2LF from Philips
  • high-end power supply with 14100 µF  Panasonic FC
  • special Audio-condensers from MKP Panasonic
  • noise reduction circuit of the power supply
  • double filtering of the AC mains
  • 1 stage digital output circuit
  • s/pdif and AES/EBU, handmade output transformer
  • I2S output
  • housing with aluminium profile frame
  • additional damping acrylic panels
  • .spike feet
  • weight: 12 kg
  • measurement: 436x345x110 mm
  • output connectors:
  • digital out coaxial
  • digital out XLR
  • RJ-45 I2S output








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