CD-Two MK III - CD-Transport with CD-Pro2LF

CD-Two MK III - CD-Transport with CD-Pro2LF

CD-Two MK III - CD-Transport with CD-Pro2LF



New CD-Transport CD-Two MK III - Discover the difference.

All devices are available as:

  • Electronic kits with all parts including CD-Pro2LF

  • Complete Kit with electronic and housing including CD-Pro2LF

  • Plug´n`play device ready working!



5 different systems are available:

  • CD-Two Version: B with simple digital output stage s/pdif AES/EBU and I2S for those who needs in the first line I2S output.
  • CD-Two Version: C with precise Clock upgrade for CD-Pro2LF
  • Enhanced CD-Two with 3 stage digitela s/pdif and AES/EBU output incl. PLL re-clocking

  • highest-end CD-Two with 3 stage out put and additional high grade accurate crystal for lowest jitter


These features provide for perfect depiction of the music signal an above average locatableness and precision pay attention to every detail:


Noies Filtering for power supply

  • Two-stage filtering system on the AC line side
  • High-End transformer with only a small scattering field and less magnetic induction.
  • Extremely complex analogue power supply with many innovative details
    • Very stable supply voltage with extremely low noise and spikes from the AC side
    • All supply voltages are high frequency-moderately decoupled
    • All lines are blocked by ferrite cores for high frequency disturbances


  • Cables are laid after exactly certain position and are twisted
  • All signal lines are connected with twisted silver/teflon cables

Output Stage

  • The coupling to the DAC takes place by a special transformer.
  • Line driver with high output current for driving also longer lines
  • separate power supply stage for re-clocking

Clock Upgrade for CD-Pro2L

  • A very precise clock that replaces the equipment used in low-quartz. With mechanically sound in an aluminum block decoupled from the outside world 5ppm-quartz, low-noise and low drift power supply and 2 separate synchronous clock outputs. Equipped with 0.1% precision resistors and Panasonic FM capacitors in the power supply.


  • In different to other solutions which substitute the original crystal oscillator of the CD-Pro2lf against a better, the output signal of the CD-Two MKIII can also be relieved from jitter by a special eliminating circuit called PLL.

That has crucial advantages of a PLL (Phase-locked loop) are:


  • The jitter killer corrects the jitters of the afflicted input signals. The time errors of the input are revised by a PLL circuit (phase locked loop). The PLL inserts time correct flanks and separates the signal levels of useless flanks. From the input signal the PLL wins a sturdy clock pulse, synchronously with that original beat of the input signal runs. - thus without jitters.

 Measures against resonances

  • All printed circuit boards are coated with plastic. This increases the long-term stability and reduces resonances
  • A sepcial design of the housing reduces resonances
  • The housing is to be avoided particularly complex arranged around suppression of resonances to protect the CD against light and to optimise thus the sound the CD-Pro.
  • The ground consists of a two layers with different components - one  acrylic and one made of aluminium. This combination have acoustical neutral behaviour


  • All printed circuit boards are soldered by hand with high-quality silver brazing

Chassis Design

  • The development of the CD-transport up to the today's conditions took approx. 10 years. On this High Tech product we are particularly proud.
  • Whereupon follows a particularly developed admission for the CD-transport, which provides for stability in the housing and in the sound. The housing is carried by a special profile and stands on spikes
  • The cover of the CD-pit effected via a moment arm that is ball bearing and again made substantial of several layers. The housing is bolted several times substantial.

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CD-Two MKIII Version:B, CD-Transport kit, housing aluminium (kit complete)


 CD-Two MKIII Version: B, CD-Transport kit, (complete kit with all part for assembling) desk cabinet aluminum frame output, s/pdif or AES/EBU, I2S, remote control

2,810.49 *

CD-Two MKIII, CD-Transport kit incl. Jitter-Killer PLL reclocking, cabinet aluminium (kit complete)


 CD-Two MKII, CD-Transport kit, (complete kit with all part for assembling) desk cabinet aluminum frame output, s/pdif or AES/EBU, remote control

2,800.00 *

New CD-Two MKIII Version:C, CD-Transport kit with Clock upgrade, housing aluminium (kit complete)

CD-Two MKIII Version: C, CD-Transport kit with Clock Upgrade for CD-Pro2, (complete kit with all part for assembling) desk cabinet aluminum frame output, s/pdif or AES/EBU, I2S, remote control

2,730.00 *

New CD-Two MKIII, CD-Transport incl. PLL and clock upgrade, housing aluminium, kit complete


 CD-Two MKIII, CD-Transport with clock upgrade, complete kit with CD-Pro2LF, PLL-Reclocking, desk housing made of aluminum, outputs: s/pdif or AES/EBU, I2S, high end remote control

3,095.00 *
former price 3,349.01 €
including 19% VAT