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Audio Intense - The Calm Sound


Development, production and sales since 1996.

We have been running this business since 1996 with heart and soul. Driven by enthusiasm and the desire to offer something special, we have put together the kits and services offered here.




Work in such a way as if the equipment would be intended for you!


Our offer for you:



  • Services related to the repair of loudspeakers
  • Spare parts for loudspeakers, in particular for Hans Deutsch loudspeakers
  • Restored Hans Deutsch speakers and other manufacturers
  • Tuning of speakers
  • Time correct speaker systems


Audio electronics:

  • Services related to the repair of older CD players especially with CD-Pro drive but also from other manufacturers
  • Spare drives for CD players, especially from Philips
  • Repair of older audio devices

Tuning for digital audio equipment

  • Precise Clocks
  • Special digital cables
  • Special circuits for the transmission of digital audio signals
  • Active and passive line filters
  • power strips

Audio kits

  • CD players
  • DA converter
  • amplifier

Electric wire

  • NF cable
  • Digital cable
  • Power cord





A new bargain each week. We offer you new products at the best prices.

Power Supplies

We deliver uncompromising power supllies that offer a high quality standard. They are especially developed oparation with CD-Pro. They captivated by the complex circuit and the coomponent selection.




Here you find amplifier solution with high power and low distortion. Calm sound and great stage!
DIY Housings and accessories audio electronic

DIY Housings and accessories audio electronic

The housing are very complex worked. It consists of wooden(multiplex plate from beech) or aluminium frameworks . Where upon the 4 mm thick front plates are let in. The push buttons are turned from the full. The CD pit cover consists of a complex laired moment arm or full aluminium cover with high weight.
CD-Two MK III - CD-Transport with CD-Pro2LF

CD-Two MK III - CD-Transport with CD-Pro2LF

Build a CD-Player by your own! A dream becomes true. Own conceptions of the sound and design can be realized. A hobby drive on the point and saving much money in opposite to a finished Player.


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Products ordered in this store are available as kits and ready devices. All kits and ready devices we deliver are 100% tested and burned in.